Week of Sept. 26

Hi, folks. Our students continued with assessments this week, focusing on the Degrees of Reading Power test. This will give me a snapshot of their reading ability. It won’t be a full picture, but it will help me as I aide them in finding books that will challenge them.

This week we’ll be focusing on vocabulary and creating word maps.

Students continue to work on their Reading Logs as well: we are on Week 2.

Follow along this week on our Class Agenda.


Week of Sept. 19

Hi all.

So far, we’ve discussed and worked on activities that focused on:

*how to remain an engaged reader.

*the differences between genres.

*the importance of end marks and capitalization.

*how to respond to a question about reading.

This week we’ll be starting our daily reading logs. Here’s a link to weeks 1-2. If you lose yours, you can go here. I’ll be collecting them on Friday.