Week of Oct. 3

Hi families,

We’ve been moving into the basics of essay writing this week, but it’s time for our first vocabulary quiz tomorrow. It’s just on four words, but also four parts of speech. Students should have their study guide and vocabulary word maps.

The four words are: falter (v.), luxurious (adj.), cynic (n.), and cynically (adv.).

We’re in week 3 of the Reading Logs. I’ll be collecting them on Friday.

As always, you can check our Class Agenda here:


-Will Siss




Week of Sept. 26

Hi, folks. Our students continued with assessments this week, focusing on the Degrees of Reading Power test. This will give me a snapshot of their reading ability. It won’t be a full picture, but it will help me as I aide them in finding books that will challenge them.

This week we’ll be focusing on vocabulary and creating word maps.

Students continue to work on their Reading Logs as well: we are on Week 2.

Follow along this week on our Class Agenda.

Week of Sept. 19

Hi all.

So far, we’ve discussed and worked on activities that focused on:

*how to remain an engaged reader.

*the differences between genres.

*the importance of end marks and capitalization.

*how to respond to a question about reading.

This week we’ll be starting our daily reading logs. Here’s a link to weeks 1-2. If you lose yours, you can go here. I’ll be collecting them on Friday.


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